Who We Are


To be a valued partner and catalyst for a vibrant Allston Brighton community


The Presentation School Foundation supports individuals and families by providing access to resources, services and social, educational, and cultural opportunities in an inclusive and welcoming space that is an anchor for the Allston Brighton community.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Statement

Presentation School Foundation will continue to strengthen its core commitment to being welcoming, accessible and inclusive to all in what we do and how we do it as we respond to the evolving needs of the Allston Brighton community.

Who We Are

An Engaged Community Partner

More Than a Landlord
The PSF Community Center believes that bringing organizations together can strengthen their impact on the community. The building strives to create a welcoming physical and philosophical environment that supports the work of Allston Brighton nonprofits. The Community Center offers opportunities for nonprofits to network and collaborate to innovatively and strategically address community needs.

Enriching the Community
The PSF Community Center is a community partner which engages with organizations inside and outside of the Community Center to enrich the Allston Brighton community. As an engaged member of the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative and Family Advisory Council, the Community Center is constantly assessing the needs of the neighborhood and collaborates with others to respond to these needs.

Promoting Food Access
In response to a dearth of healthy food options in Oak Square, PSF Community Center partnered with the Allston Brighton Health Collaborative to launch the Brighton Summer Market Farmers Market in 2015. This year, PSF Community Center launched the Winter Farmers Market, serving 300 community members.

Supporting Literacy
In 2018, to help promote literacy, PSF Community Center initiated a partnership with St. Columkille Partnership School and FriendshipWorks to offer the Intergenerational Literacy Program. The program brings senior citizens and elementary school students, many of whom speak a first language other than English, together to read.

Addressing Health Disparities
Realizing that may community members did not have access to flu vaccines, last fall PSF Community Center and our tenant partners hosted a Flu Vaccine Clinic and Health Information Fair, disseminating flu shots to 75 community members.

Building Community
Each year, PSF Community Center hosts a variety of events that bring our diverse neighborhood together including holiday celebrations, neighborhood barbeques, movie nights, and more.

The Center exists because of the extraordinary effort by the neighborhood, along with the support of numerous organizations, foundations, businesses, members of the community and local and state government and elected officials.