Volunteer Opportunties

Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities at PSF Community Center. To apply for a volunteer position, please complete this form. If you have questions regarding volunteer opportunities, or other ideas for how you might like to help PSF Community Center, email Clodagh Drummey at [email protected].

Farmers Market Volunteer/Intern (Every other Saturday Feb- March)
We are looking for volunteers to help at the Winter Farmers Market on Saturday, 2/10, 2/24, 3/9 and 3/23 from 10 am to 2:30 pm. Responsibilities include:

  • Set up the PSF table at the market
  • Assist shoppers and provide assistance with coupons, SNAP/HIP,  answering general market questions
  • Placing sandwich board in the square 
  • Take photos at the market
  • Assist with market breakdown

Administrative Volunteer/ Intern (5-10 hours per month)
Responsibilities include:

  • Input donor information into our fundraising database, Charity Proud
  • Prepare and send thank you letters to donors
  • Review and finalize mailing lists for fundraising events and appeals
  • Ensure our email and mailing lists are up to date with donor, community room user, tenant, collaborator, program participant information

Marketing Volunteer/ Intern  (3 hours per week)
Responsibilities include:

  • With the Executive Director and Outreach Intern, review marketing and promotional needs and goals
  • Design a monthly calendar for social media promotion
  • Manage postings on facebook and instagram based on the monthly calendar
  • Review current social media following and create and implement a plan to increase engagement.

Community Room Volunteer/ Intern (4-5  hours per month)
Responsibilities include:

  • Organize kitchen and community storage space, develop labels so users can find what they are looking for
  • Restock supplies for the kitchen as needed