Our Supporters

Below is a complete list of those who have supported PSF: state and city government, foundations, corporations and institutions, small businesses, individuals, familes, and community organizations.

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Government Support

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Mayor Martin J. Walsh, and the City of Boston – The Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Department of Neighborhood Development, and Boston Parks and Recreation

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts – The Massachusetts Historical Commission and MassDevelopment

Foundation Support

The New Balance Foundation – Lead Gifts for the Acquisition and Renovation of the PSF Community Center

The Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund
The Bank of America Foundation
The Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation – multiple grants
The Boston Natural Areas Network
The Boston Civic Enhancement Fund
The Boston Foundation – multiple grants
The Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund – multiple grants
The Cabot Family Charitable Trust
The Citizens Bank Foundation
The Clipper Ship Foundation
The Donna Anne Poulack Foundation
The Eastern Bank Foundation
The Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation
The Mabel Louise Riley Foundation
The Peoples Federal Savings Bank Foundation – multiple grants
The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation- multiple grants
The TD Bank Foundation

Corporate and Institutional Support

Allston-Brighton Kiwanis
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Boston College
Boston Community Capital
Boston Duck Tours
Boston Harbor Cruises
Boston Red Sox
Boston University
Boston Volvo Village
Brighton Main Streets
Brighton Marine Health Center
BV Development
Carpenters Labor Management Fund
Carpenters Local 40
Charles Hotel
Elaine Construction
Eliott Hotel
Harvard University
Historic Boston Incorporated
Houghton Chemical Corporation
Hy-Line Cruises
Isabella Steward Gardner Museum
Joseph M. Smith Community Center
Larz Anderson Auto Museum
Little Sprouts
Mercantile Bank
New England Pirate Museum
Oak Square YMCA
Paradigm Properties
Pizzeria Uno’s
Royal Sonesta Hotel
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Suffolk University
The Boston Pops
The John Fitzerald Kennedy Museum
The MIT Museum
The New England Aquarium
The Welsh Corporation
Veronica B. Smith Senior Center
Wainwright Bank
Waschusett Mountain
Whole Foods

We acknowledge the support of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston in helping PSF secure ownership of the building.

Pro Bono Support

Allston-Brighton CDC
Ashcraft Landscaping
Bingham McCutchen, LLP
Community Design Resource Center
Mike Glavin, Advisor
Goodwin Procter, LLP
Historic Boston Incorported
New Balance
Nixon Peabody, LLLP
Charlotte Ryan, Advisor
SAS Design
The Welch Corporation

Small Business Support

A Piece of Heaven
Ace Tickets
Alberto’s Restaurant
Ashcraft Landscaping
Athans Bakery
B & G Sawin Florist
Beacon Hill Athletic Club
Big City Pizza
Bizier Electric
Boston Business Advisors
Bourke Contracting
Brighton Eye Associates
Brosnan Realty Group
Café Brazil
Café Nation
Century 21 Shawmut Properties
Community Matters
Corrib Pub and Restaurant
Creative Workplace Learning
Crystal Transport
Daniels Bakery
Devlin’s Restaurant
Exquisite Landscaping
Faneuil Street Market
Gaslight Restaurant
George Pizzuto Electric Company
Grafton Street
Green Briar Pub and Restaurant
Grenier Printing
Harry’s Foreign and American Auto Service, Harry Nesdekidis, owner
Hoy Hing Restaurant
Icing on the Cake
J & K Auto Body
JP Licks
Jim’s Deli
John J. Ryan Insurance Agency
Johnny D’s Fruits and Vegetables
Kinsella Carpentry
Kikis Kwik Mart
Langley Realty Trust
La Tete Hair Salon
Last Drop
Lehman & Reen Funeral Home
Lessard’s Barber Shop
McNamara Funeral Home
Meineke Car Care
Minihane’s Flower and Garden Shop
Modern Real Estate
Natural Exposures Photography
Newbridge Realty Group
Newton Street Garage
Oak Square Cafe
Oak Square Dunkin Donuts
Oak Square Liquors
Oak Square Sunoco
Pic a Pasta
Newton Street Garage
Parklake Realty
Perfectionist Painters
Pine Village Preschool
Phils Hair Design
Pic a Pasta
Pizza DiNapoli
Porter Belly’s
Prime Realty Group
R.L. Tennant Insurance Agency
Ryan Insurance
Sage Systems
Salon Mario Russo
SAS Design
Silverman, Trykowski Associates (Architects)
Scofield Campbell & Connolly, LLC
Smoken Joe’s Barbecue and Blues
Stockyard Food and Spirits
Sunset Grill
Temple Bar
The Battery
The Bowline Group
The Hunter Group
The Kells
The Last Drop
The Warren Tavern
Three Scoops
Three Twin Productions

The following organizations supported PSF at its inception in 2004:

Aberdeen & Reservoir Civic Association
Aberdeen-Brighton Residents Association
Allston-Brighton Adult Education Coalition
Allston-Brighton CDC
Allston-Brighton Healthy Boston Coalition
Allston-Brighton Little League
Allston Civic Association
Asian American Civic Association
Brighton-Allston Improvement Association
Brighton Marine Health Center
Boston City Council
Boston College Community Task Force
Boston University
Brazilian Immigration Center
Brighton Board of Trade
Brighton Garden and Horticultural Society
Brighton Main Streets
Friends of the Faneuil Library
Friends of the Oak Square Common
Grenier Printing
Hobart Park Neighborhood Assoc.
Irish Immigration Center
Newbridge Realty Group
Oak Square YMCA
Pine Village Preschool
Prime Realty Group
SAS Design
Veronica B. Smith Senior Center

Individual Contributors/Community Group Support

Linda and Brad Abusamra
The Abusamra Family
Patricia Ackad and Deborah Rossi
Dennis and Sally Adomaitis
Stanley and Virginia Aldonis
The Aldonis Family
Paul Alloso, Jr.
Tom and Theresa Ammirati
Carolyn Anderson
Sheri Ingalls Anderson
Kathy Arabia
Jay Arcand
Felix Arroyo
Steve Ashcraft
Bill and Joan Aucoin
Alan Babner
Douglas and Veronica Bacon
Dale and James Bane
Antonio Barbosa
The Barr Family
Deborah Barrett
Leo Barron
Mark and Elayne Baskin
Deborah Baye and Tori Cigna
Cynthia Bergeron and Bridget McDonagh
Paul Berkeley
Anne Desmond Beystehner
Shelly and Bob Bialka
Jane Bindley
David Biss
Donald Bizie
Hughie Bligh
Denise Bogosian
Louise Bonar
Peter Borre
John Bowen
Jean Bowen
Liane Brandon
Kate and Mike Brasco
Liz Breadon and Mary McCarthy
Susan Bregman
Brighton Allston Historical Society
Brighton Garden and Horticultural Society
Brighton Marine Health Center
Joseph Broderick
John Bruno
Mimoza Bulgareci
Doris Burford and Donna Casali
Leslie Burg
Kathleen Byrne
Catherine Cahill
Cathi Campbell
Danielle Campbell
Lisa Campbell
Michael Capuano
Priscila Cardosa
Donald Carney
Kevin M. Carragee and Ellen McCrave
Moira Emma McCrave-Carragee
Michael and Anne Carragee
Michael and Arlene Carragee
Donal Carroll
Thomas and Ann Marie Casey
Elizabeth Caurant and Sheila Delson
Peter Ceriani
Ava Chan
Chandler’s Pond Preservation Society
Betty Chin
Michael and Wendy Chin
Charlie Chippeo
The Chou Family
James and Mary Christie
Jennifer, Billy, and Robert Christie
Mark and Laura Ciommo
The Ciommo Family
Chris Clamp and Don Gianniny
Chris Clemens
Allison Cody
Peg Collins
Mary Compton
Carey Conkey-Finn and Cathleen Finn
Gobnait Connelly
Joanna Connolly
John Connolly
Margaret Connolly
Maureen Connolly
The Corrib Pub
Anne Marie Cosgrove
Mary and Dan Costa
Emily Costello
Marlene Craffey
Regina Craffey
Nancy and Kenneth Crasco
Michael Creamer
Tricia Creamer
Paul Creighton
Patricia Crosby
Kenny and Mary Cutler
Mariano D’Antignana
The Daly Family
Mary Frances Daly
Joseph Davin
Mary and Francis Davin
Raffaella and Paul Davin
Robert Davison
Lena Deevy
James and Eleanor Dekas
Rose Dell’Elce
The Dell’Elce Family
Shiela Delson
John DePietro
Nancy and Tom DeRosa
Anne Desmond
Thomas and Mairead Devlin
Paulene Maxwell Di Cessare
Mark Diar-Bakerly
Pasquale Dieico
Rita DiGiovanni
Julia and Helen Dimitri
Alfred Disidoro
Salvatore DiMasi
Florence Disciullo
Robert Doherty
Robert and Genia Doherty
Andrea Doremus
Eileen Dorsey
Jennifer and Kerry Doyle
The Doyle Family
Joseph Drake
Lisa Drapkin
Mary Eichenlaub
The Eichenlaub Family
Antonios Eliopolous
Carla Erb
Neil Eustice
The Eustice Family
Mrs. Harvey Evans
Priscilla Falter
Nancy Farrell
The Fehily Family
Noah Feldman
John Ferrell
The Ferretti Family
Cathleen Finn and Carey Conkey-Finn
Paula Fitzgibbon
Francis Fitzpatrick
Michael Flaherty
Paul Flaherty, Jr.
Susan Fleck
Pat Forbes
David Fox and Mary Talbot-Fox
Eileen Frain
Thomas and Janet Tombasco Fraher
Larry Frey
Ada Freedman
Friends of the Faneuil Branch Library
Friends of the Oak Square Common
Jack Fucci
Abigail Furey
Mike Galvin
William Galvin
William Gamson
Patricia Geary
Alex Geourntas
Margaret Geraghety
Michael Gilarde
Edward Gillen
Matlin Gilman and Emma Gilman
Maryann Girardi
Mike Glavin
Sheila Gleeson
Helene Gobert
Priscilla Golding
Annette Goode
Margaret Grady
John Grant
Michael Greene
Emily Gregory
Alexander Gricus
Kevin and Karen Grygiel
The Grygiel Family
Allen and Donnie Guinnett
Rose Hanley
Rosie Hanlon
Richard and Ruth Harrington
Maureen Hennigan
Dale Herbeck
Ann and Pat Hewson
Rick Heym
The Higgins Family
Ingrid and Dave Hill
Hobart Park Neighborhood Association
Brian Honan
Patrick and Mary Honan
Kevin Honan
The Honan Family
Jeanne Hopkins
Ruth Horgan
Helen Horigan
Marion Horkan
John Horkan
John and Joan Horrigan
Andrea Howard
Theresa Hynes
Carol Iannelle
Christopher Ischay
Daniel Jacobsen
Avril Jean
Robert Jordan
Francis Kane
Vicki Karns
Koletta Kaspar
Jeff Katz
Sinead Keegan and Kieran Keegan
Dorothy Keller
Dorothy Kennedy
Edward and Victoria Kennedy
Karen Kennedy
Martin and Margaret Keogh
Will Kilburn
Jennifer and Elizabeth King
William and Elisabeth King
Maryann and Millard Klinke
Heather Knopsnyder
Shirley Kressel
Steve Kruger
Bid and Brian Lannery
The Lannery Family
Bernadette and Tom Lally
Mary Larosee
Dorothy Julia Lebach
Dennis Lehane
Micky Lee
Judith Lennett
Mary Louise Lessard-Ingelfinger
Bob and Ann Leverone
David Liberty
Jane Lillis
Keith Lockhart
Jodie Lombard
Michael Lombardi
Kate Lowenstein and Doug Bellow
Bernard Lucey
Kevin Luke
M. Nawal Lutfiyya
Lily and Michael Lyons
Doris Maclone
Loretta Magee
Brian Magee
The Magee Family
Anne Mahoney
Brian and Sandra Maloney
Mary Maloney
Jedediah Mannis
Eileen Mansfield
Eileen Mansfield and Sheila Burke
Marietta Marchetti
William and Mary Ann Marchione
Pasqualino Marini
Brid Martin
The Mattison Family
Paulene Maxwell Di Cessare
Daniel and Jill McCarthy
Henry and Yvette McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy
Loretta McClary
Mary and Larry McComiskey
George McCormack
Sandy McCormack
Jerry and Aiobheann McDermott
Joyce McDonough
Evelyn McFadden and Bill Simmons
Jane and Tim McHale
Siobhan McHugh
Maureen McKenna
John McLane
John and Marian McLane
The McLane Family
Mary Ann and Thomas McLaughlin
Millie McLaughlin
Kerry McSharry
Brenda McSweeney
Rosa Moscoso Mela
Theresa Meier
Thomas and Angela Menino
Paul Messier and Laura Paul
Julie Miller
Thomas Miller
Alice Mills
Anthony and Connie Milonopolous
Paul Minihane
Kevin Montague
John Moran
Mike Moran
The Moran Family
Evelyn Morano
Laura Morano
The Morano Family
Ruth Morgan
Suzanne Morse
Barbara Moss
Ann and Joseph Mulligan
Joe and Susan Mulligan
Kevin and Mary Murphy
Stephen Murphy
Teresa Murphy and Patricia Murphy Holbrook
Timothy Murphy
Chrystal Murray
Christine Nagueira
Florence Nasti
Martin Nelson
Harry Nesdekidis
John and Anna Nesdekidis
Newton St. Garage
Christine Nogueira
Marilyn Noonan
Marybeth Noonan
Leo Norton
Paul and Barbara Norton
Colm O’Brien
Ken O’Brien
Thomas and Fionna O’Brien
Sheila O’Connell
Norman O’Grady
Marlene O’Hara
Michael O’Hara
Paul and Sheila O’Keefe
Matt O’Malley
Virginia O’Neil
Marion O’Neill
David Ogden
Our Lady of the Presentation School Class of 1946
Our Lady of the Presentation School Class of 1972
Barbara Parmenter and Mary Burns
Kerry Pearson
Gerald Peary
Barbara Pecci
Earl and Ann Criel Pelligrini
Orlando Pellegrini and Joyce Libbey
Kristin and Frank Perullo
Eric Peterson and Kristin Langellier
James Philip
Theresa and Salvatore Pinchera
Pine Village Preschool
George Pizzuto
Cathy Corbet Plummer
Paula Posnick and Frederick Wersan
Paul, Joanne and Cathleen Power
Jim and Doris Prince
John and Anne Prince
John and Mary Prince
Kevin and Linda Prince
Sister Mary Prince
Joseph Pulsifer
Anne Quigley
Jerry Quinn
Joyce Radnor
Carol and Gerard Radzikowski
John and Maureen Reen
Denise and Matthew Renaghan
Stanley Rich
Cheryl Richards
Douglas Richards
Nadia and Steve Richman
The Richman Family
Marguerite Rielly and John Rielly
Christine Ritchie
Maria and Anthoney Rizza
Maria Rodrigues and Ram Rao
Wim Roefs and Eileen Waddell
Catherine Rogers
Aiden Roland
Alfredo Romero and Robert Dawson
Kathleen Rosenbauer
Mark Rosenblatt
Bob Rosenthal
Kimberly Rowland
Jerome Rubin and Carol Steinberg
Mina and DJ Rubaud
Anne Ruby
Claudia Rufo
Charlotte Ryan and David Christiani
Helene Rober Ryan
Kirsten and Henry Ryan
Mansooreh Saboori
Neil Savage
Gina and Jack Scalcione
The Scanlon Family
Randi Schalet
Tim Schofield
David Schrag
Joanne and William Segal
Fatiha Sfiat
Emily Shamieh
Philip Shea
Olive Sheehan
Melvin Shemluck
Kathy Sheppard
Una and Ethan Simmons
Rich and Denise Simon
Gina Simonelli
Gina and Anthony Simonelli
Alexander Siopy
David Skehan
Thomas Skehan
Patricia (Skehan) Siff
Karen Smith
Paul and Sheila Snyder
Joan Spanbauer
Nathan Spencer
John Stamatos
Nadene Stein and Ty Sandefur
John and Nora Stenson
James Stockwell
Bea Stratter
Helen Sullivan
Kena and Joe Sullivan
Pat Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Regina Sullivan
The Sullivan Family
Julia Sweeney, and in memory of her husband, Robert Sweeney
Sean Talt and Karen Mackin
Mario Tavolieri
Mary Taylor
Richard Terass
George Terzides
Richard and Mary Tice
Craig Todaro
Steve and Heidi Tolman
David and Marie Tolman
Barbara, Sheila and Jackie Tonra
Beverly and Rocco Toto
Jonathan & Shani Traum Charity Fund
Barbara Travers
Christopher Tsu
Helen Tuohy
Mary Twomey
The Van Heist Family
Bob Van Meter and Pam Nourse
Charlie Vasiliades
Arturo Vasquez
Veronica B. Smith Senior Center
Bob Wadsworth
Doris Walsh
Joe Walsh
John Walsh
Michael Walsh
Robert and Mary Ward
The Ward Family
Eva and Leland Webster
Terry Weida
Richard Weld
Wilma Wetterstrom and Joseph Wooters
Rosemary Wheaton
Whole Foods
Bruce Wickelgren
Matthew Williams
Pauline Wright
David James Wyatt
Wendy Xu
The Yee Family
Laura and Peter Zappola
Patricia Zifcak
John Zoffreo
The Zoffreo Family