Community Room Rules

Please help us maintain this resource for our neighborhood by respecting our building rules.

Individuals and groups who reserve the community rooms must notify the Executive Director if there is a change or cancellation to their reservation.

Alcohol is prohibited on the property unless being served by a licensed caterer/bartending service. The company must provide PSF with a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of their permit for serving/selling alcohol at least one week prior to an event.

Smoking is prohibited in the facility or anywhere on the property.

Individuals, groups and organizations must keep all exterior doors closed at all times.  Doors cannot be propped open.

No animals (except for service animals) of any kind are permitted inside the facility.

Blue painter’s tape must be used when hanging decorations on the walls, in order to avoid damage.

All individuals and groups are prohibited from storing items in the building and on the property unless they have received permission from the Executive Director.  Items left behind may be placed in a lost and found box by PSF staff.

Children attending events in the community rooms must be supervised at all times.

Inflatables (e.g., bouncy houses) are prohibited inside or outside the building and property.

All individuals and groups are responsible for any damage to the Community Center building, equipment, or grounds, caused by the use of the property by themselves, their group, or others attending their event or activity.   Individuals and groups must report damage to the PSF Executive Director right away.

Individuals and groups using the community rooms are responsible for leaving the rooms in an organized and clean condition.  Please leave this room in the same condition it was in when you entered it. Before you leave, please remember to:

Wipe down tables if you have served food or eaten in the room. There are lysol wipes in the kitchen.

Sweep the floor if your group has left debris on it. There is a broom in the kitchen.

Take out the trash and put a new bag in the trash bin if you have served food. There are 2 dumpsters in the corner of the parking lot.  Please use the dumpster on the right for trash. You can dispose of cardboard in the dumpster on the left. Trash bags can be found in the cabinet under the sink on the left in the kitchen or in the cabinet in the Allston Brighton Room.

Clean any dishes or items you have used and put them away. Do not leave dishes or items on the counters or in the sink. Items left on the sink and counters will be disposed of.

If you have taken out additional tables and chairs, please return them to the area next to the stairs on the lower level.

Check for any items you have left behind. Do not leave any items in the building without permission from the Executive Director.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding PSF Community Center, please contact Clodagh Drummey, Executive Director at 617 835 1248 or Mike Greene, Property Manager at 617 981 2945.