Allston Brighton Pandemic Relief Center

When neighbors and organizations put their heads and hearts together, individuals and communities can rise above even the most challenging circumstances and emerge stronger.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented levels of unemployment, poverty and food insecurity in the Allston Brighton community. As the coronavirus pandemic impacts the Allston Brighton community, the PSF Community Center serves a crucial role, providing relief to those experiencing poverty and food insecurity. Nonprofits based at the PSF Community Center including ABCD’s Allston Brighton Neighborhood Opportunity Center and Family Nurturing Center have been providing essential support to those who are most in need in Allston Brighton– administering a food pantry, diaper, toiletry and clothing distribution programs.

With initial support from the Boston Resiliency Fund, PSF Community Center launched the Allston Brighton Pandemic Relief Center, making 750 square feet of space available to Allston Brighton organizations to store and disseminate pandemic relief items including food, diapers, toiletries, and school supplies